Do robots understand brand challenges?

February 22, 2023 By BEAM

With AI tools on the rise, we decided to put ChatGPT to the test to see how in-tune the tool is with the modern day challenges of brand governance.

We asked: What are the biggest challenges for brand teams in governing their brand?

ChatGPT answered:

There are several challenges that brand teams may face in governing their brand, including:

  1. Consistency: Maintaining consistent brand messaging, visual identity, and messaging across all touchpoints can be challenging, especially as a company grows and expands into new markets.
  2. Protecting the brand: Defending the brand against infringement, counterfeits, and dilution is a constant challenge for brand teams.
  3. Managing stakeholders: Balancing the needs and wants of different stakeholders, such as internal departments, partners, and customers, can be difficult.
  4. Keeping up with changes: Keeping up with changes in technology, cultural trends, and market dynamics can be difficult and requires ongoing effort to adapt and evolve the brand.
  5. Measuring success: Measuring the success of branding initiatives and the impact they have on the business can be challenging and requires a clear understanding of what metrics to track.
  6. Internal buy-in: Getting internal buy-in and support for brand initiatives and guidelines can be challenging, especially when there are conflicting priorities and limited resources.
  7. Integrating new acquisitions: Integrating new acquisitions and ensuring consistency across multiple brands can be a significant challenge.
  8. Balancing creativity with corporate constraints: Balancing the need for creative expression with the constraints of a corporate brand and legal requirements can be challenging.

To overcome these challenges, brand teams need to have a clear understanding of their brand’s purpose and values, strong leadership, effective communication and collaboration, and ongoing effort to continuously improve and evolve their branding efforts.

We’d say this answer is an impressive effort and a pretty accurate representation of the challenges modern brand teams face.

Now that ChatGPT has passed the initial test, we’ll be continuing to test it with more advanced questions. If you have ideas for questions, or have tested it yourself we’d love to hear from you.