How Brand Centers are Empowering a New Breed of Brand Concierge

In this webinar featuring Deloitte and Forrester, learn about the brand management best practices and best-in-class digital tools used today to successfully manage and evolve your brand and make it easy for your associates to be on-brand and engage with the brand daily.

Our panel of speakers:
Kelley Grover – Senior Global Brand Manager at Deloitte
Dipanjan Chatterjee – VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester
Gabriel Cohen – Chief Marketing Officer at Monigle

As a brand leader, you know brand has become a filter through which a company’s culture and purpose are delivered. No longer a conduit for what a company says, it’s a reflection of what a company (and all of its associates) embodies. A traditional brand center – much like your typical Digital Asset Management (DAM) software – was a place where marketers went to share static brand guidelines and have central access to ‘on-brand’ assets like images, logos, PPT templates, etc.

However today, managing brand – your company’s most valuable asset – is an ongoing process of education and engagement. Your success is dictated by the extent to which you can shift the mindset from playing Brand Cop, to Brand Concierge.

More about our panel of speakers...

Kelley Grover

Senior Global Brand Manager – Deloitte

As part of her role, Kelley helps the global Deloitte network use the brand as creatively and consistently as possible by leading the advancement of platforms such as Brand Space, Deloitte’s centralized repository of brand guidelines, assets and tools. Kelley joined Deloitte from the financial services industry and has an MBA in Marketing from Fordham University in New York.

Dipanjan Chatterjee

VP and Principal Analyst – Forrester

Dipanjan is a branding expert and focuses on strategies and best practices for developing and managing world-class brands. His areas of focus include positioning and messaging, brand equity and health, architecture, touchpoint strategies, emerging market branding, and global brand management. Dipanjan has an MBA from the University of Chicago, where he focused on strategy and marketing.

Gabriel Cohen

Chief Marketing Officer – Monigle

Prior to joining Monigle, Gabriel led the Analytics and Brand Valuation practice for Interbrand in Canada. He has a wealth of practical brand-building experience helping executives across a range of sectors better align and measure their organizations around the customer and employee experience. Gabriel is also a member of the CMO Club, a group of industry peers, and is a regular writer and contributor for Branding Magazine.

Deloitte's Brand Space on Three Devices

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