Evaluate and prioritize which activities can be improved to best deliver against your goals.

A brand’s health starts on the inside. It combines components of governance and the evolution capabilities over time to scale brand. Seeing the landscape of brand governance from an internal perspective helps brand managers lobby for budgets, build long-term plans and address short-term issues.

We have found that there is no one-size-fits-all model for brand governance. That’s why we created this updated scorecard to help brand leaders understand strengths and opportunities with regards to their own governance of brand.

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Every brand is at a different stage of their brand journey.

This evaluation gives you a simple score out of 100 as your baseline brand management score. This score can serve as a starting point to a conversation with where your brand is exceeding against competitors and where you have opportunity or necessity to improve.

This can be used to initiate conversation among your team as to where to prioritize activities that can best deliver against your brand and business goals.

Want to know how you match up to competitors similar to your brand?

Send your scorecard results to beam@monigle.com to get a personalized comparison evaluation to firms similar to yours.