More than just your typical digital asset management software.

It takes more than a set of guidelines and a nice looking brand book to educate and engage associates around a brand and yet most brand centers are little more than a functional repository for guidelines and assets – or digital asset management software in disguise.

We believe a portal that connects your associates to one of your most valuable assets should deliver a special experience. It should be a tool that equips people to play their part in contributing to something bigger than themselves.

In addition to all the asset management functionality you could need, BEAM provides a set of tools that truly connect your people to brand.

On Brand Design

We create a brand center that is on brand.

While built on the same core functionality, each BEAM brand center is unique. You can create a site that aligns with every aspect of your brand to tell your story in a compelling and engaging way. Bring unique and engaging design elements to life, and choose a name for your brand center that fits within your nomenclature system.

After all, what good is a brand center that’s not on brand? Our design, strategy, and verbal identity experts are on hand to provide direction and/or ideas.

Brand Guidelines

Provide creative freedom within a framework.

Tell your brand story, and empower others to tell it, too. Interactive web-based guidelines connect the verbal and visual identity directly to brand assets, so users can learn about the brand and bring it to life. You can:

  • Energize your brand guidelines through rich media and contextual links to other pages, related assets, best practices examples or brand training
  • Go beyond static PDFs and embed examples of the brand in action to aid comprehension (videos, images, charts, interactive quizzes etc.)
  • Evolve brand guidelines in real time, as the brand and business needs change. Make quick and accurate updates using the CMS, with content versioning
  • Easily create new, well-designed pages using specific templates for visual, verbal, and digital guidelines
  • Include digital brand guidelines for developers based on the atomic design methodology

Asset Management

Find everything you need and nothing you don't.

BEAM may not be just your typical digital asset management (DAM) software, but it does do everything you’d expect from one.

We’ve made it easy for you to upload, organize, and manage your brand assets as an administrator. It’s even easier for your associates to find and utilize said assets. You can:

  • Upload brand assets in bulk or one at a time
  • Organize assets using tags, categories, and options
  • Define rules for asset downloads, sharing, and queue functionality
  • Add expiration dates to proactively manage licensed content
  • Make assets easy to find by providing customized metadata
  • Automatically scale or convert images for their specific usage

Brand Showcase

Showcase the best applications of your brand.

Inspire and encourage your users to maintain brand standards by featuring the best uses of your brand from across the organization using the Brand Showcase module. You can:

  • Allow users to download and use the best examples of “on brand” materials
  • Utilize the built-in workflow to approve or deny submissions
  • Designate dedicated administrators to manage the best practice library

Help Desk

Provide a digital brand concierge experience.

Embrace the role of a brand concierge by setting up your own automated workflows to approve brand usage and accept requests for brand services. You can:

  • Set up and run the approval process for dynamically created collateral
  • Manage the approval process for brand identity usage
  • Manage requests for copywriting reviews and creative services
  • Assign specific individuals to a task or an assignment
  • View a complete history of approvals, requests, and archived files

Reporting and Analytics

Identify opportunities for brand education or awareness.

So you’ve made all this great content available but now wouldn’t it be great if you see how much it is being used? Utilize built-in reporting and analytics to identify usage trends and potential opportunities for brand education or awareness campaigns. You can:

  • View and export user activity including log-ins, views, downloads, searches and browser/OS usage.
  • Filter user activity by role or geographic location for further insights.
  • Create custom reports to get the data you really want and need.
  • Calculate ROI based on hourly labor savings and other efficiencies gained using the brand center.

Content Management

Manage everything from the comfort of your seat.

Adding and replacing content or assets is easy using the Content Management System (CMS). Featuring a familiar WYSIWYG editor, drag and drop functionality, and powerful administrative features, the CMS makes it easy to control asset distribution and keep content fresh. You can:

  • Manage and reorder page hierarchy with drag and drop functionality.
  • Update homepage elements with the timeliest and most relevant content.
  • Create user groups and manage access rights on a per-page or per-content basis.
  • View change history, stage new pages, archive outdated content, and much more.

Integrations & API

Integrations to connect your brand ecosystem

Brand management tools shouldn’t be in silos. Understanding brand and driving consistency comes from behavior change. Our research shows employees use at least six different brand and marketing software platforms in a given week (or day!). Integrations provide seamless user experience while boosting team efficiency. Our API infrastructure strategy makes it easy for you to connect your brand ecosystem, driving users to a single location. Create a one-stop-shop for all things brand with BEAM.

We implement restful API integrations, but are flexible to your specific needs. We’re always happy to get technical if there’s something you have in mind.

Find out how you will benefit from BEAM.