[Webinar Replay] Behind the Brands: NN Group embraces the Brand Concierge mindset.

Take a peek under the hood

NN Group’s Brand Portal is built on Monigle’s Brand Engagement and Asset Management platform, BEAM.

One of the oldest newest brands, NN Group, a 175 year old $6 billion company that split from ING Bank, needed to help 14,000 employees across 18 regions live the brand. For the brand team, doing the same thing for yet another year was no longer an option. Frank Lina, Brand Manager at NN Group, had a plan to reinvigorate the NN brand experience.

Get in touch to go under the hood and see for yourself the details of how Frank manages the NN Group brand. You and your team will get a demo and 360 view, or jump into a selection of our client success stories below.

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 webinar now.

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